The History Of Pro Wrestling News

c175ba40f0cac8182dd70f8b37b57d14Pro Wrestling in itself is one of the most unique forms of entertainment out there. Some call it a sport, some call it a soap opera and others call it a traveling stage show. For something so hard to pigeon hole it is equally as hard for reporters to cover the wrestling news.

In the dinosaur age before wrestling was exposed journalists would cover wrestling news as if it were a real sport like boxing. They would show up at the events, make notes and when a wrestler won then that was that. As it developed and storylines (similar to soap operas) were worked in to the industry, (mainly during the WWE attitude era and Monday Night Wars) “Mark Magazines” would cover pro wrestling as if those storylines were real. If The Rock threw Steve Austin in to a river (yes that happened once), the writer would write it as if it was the most insane thing that could ever happen in a sport. This was a unique system that helped promote the sport. Today a lot of negativity is also reported.


Wrestling Overview

WRESTLING-CLIPART-IMAGEWhether one is a fan of traditional wrestling matches, which can be seen in high school gymnasiums across the country during the wrestling season, or one is a fan of Raw and Smackdown, there is one thing in common with these types of wrestling. They all got their start with the ancient Greeks. They began the wrestling sport, especially in Sparta where the whole country was warrior and fighting based. It was looked upon as a combat technique that every male in Greece should be able to participate in, if not win. Wrestling made its first Olympic debut in 704 BC in the 18th Greek Olympiad games and has been popular ever since.

Because of this popularity, there are some specific holds that have been used throughout the centuries during wrestling matches that either dominate the opponent or force them into submission. One hold that will dominate an opponent is a clinch hold. This is when one wrestler controls the movement of the other while in a standing position. This can be done with a variety of holds like the bear hug or the high clinch. Usually, the arms of the dominating wrestler go around the waist of the other wrestler and do not release until the other wrestler is no longer struggling. There are pinning holds, which keep an opponent underneath the wrestler while they look for a better angle to hold the opponent or win the match. With some wrestling matches, this is how the match is won. With others, it is a rest for the dominating wrestler to find the best way to win the match without hurting anyone. There are submission holds, which use a pain or pressure points to make the opponent end the match. These are as different as any other hold, but there are joint and bone locks which can cause enough pain for the opponent to tap out of the match. There are pressure chokes, which can cause a wrestler to pass out before submitting to the other wrestler. The list of holds is as different as the wrestlers themselves, and provide different outcomes, depending on what they are used for. If one decides to pursue this sport, be cautious. Bones are broken many times in this sport.

The equipment for this sport is often different, depending upon which area of wrestling one prefers to watch. The traditional style of wrestling uses a mat upon which the wrestlers must stay, or they are out of bounds and disqualified. The WWE wrestlers use a ring (sometimes) to contain their insanity, but most of the time; it spills out of the ring and into the crowd. The uniforms for the traditional wrestler are a spandex body suit which is usually strapless to allow better movement of the arms, and is made into shorts, for free movement in the legs. The WWE wrestlers wear anything they choose, which is not always wise.

Wrestling Rumors – Where Do They Come From?

unnamedWrestling rumors, that dreaded phrase that you find when searching for backstage news on WWE or TNA. But what exactly are wrestling rumors and where do they come from?

The wrestling business itself is a very secretive industry and unlike other industries like Hollywood or video gaming, wrestling tries to keep the lid closed on what’s going on, not open it up for all to see. Video game companies send out games to magazines and websites to write previews and give details on the various gaming modes. Soap Operas leak their storylines to magazines to garner more interest and on the sets of movies literally hundreds of media outlets get sit downs with the top stars.

Wrestling is much different. Because the idea is to suspend the viewer’s disbelief, in other words present the product as real, it’s counter productive to reveal all the backstage goings on and where a storyline is heading. This is where wrestling rumors come in.

Over the years various wrestling reporters have slowly built up friendships and contacts in the business, who they can go to, off the record to get “insider” details on storylines or any backstage incidents. Because a lot of the time they can’t reveal who told them something (in fear that they’d lose their job for leaking news) the reporter cannot write “so and so said that…” This leads to several scenarios. They can either say “sources within the WWE or TNA have revealed that…” or they can say “it is rumored that…” This is where rumors come from. If a reporter has something confirmed from multiple people and all the pieces fit in to place then they can often just call it news, but if one wrestler leaks something and there is no way to back it up, then it will be written as a rumor.

Although a lot of people refuse to visit wrestling rumors sites, 9 times out of 10 rumors turn out to be true or have an element of truth as the story develops. As they say there’s no smoke without fire and its rare for something to get leaked for political reasons or to deliberately make people look bad.

A lot of what is written in national newspapers or in books is from only a few sources, its just that in wrestling people have to be protected, so what would be wrestling news has to be reported as wrestling rumors.

One of the big mistakes people make is visiting the official websites of wrestling companies. These sites play in to the storylines that you see on TV and anything they write should be double checked with the real sites that report backstage news and wrestling rumors to see if it is the truth or part of the show.

For as long as the wrestling business remains secretive then there will continue to be wrestling rumors.